OTW (One to Watch) #1 : Picasso Labs

posted on April 17th 2018 in OTW Series with 0 Comments

picasso labs
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Having now met over 600 start-ups, I wanted to highlight the ones that I feel stand out, the ones that really make a difference and most importantly, the ones that solve a real problem.

First up is Picasso Labs………..

Picasso Labs is solving the problem of visual communication. As imagery and video grow to dominate the way brands communicate with consumers, marketers have no data to understand what visual properties are cutting through, but more importantly, why. That’s where Picasso comes in: They use artificial intelligence to automatically, and in real-time, understand how your consumers’ response to imagery and video change as a result of the individual properties contained in each creative.

I am a big fan of Anastasia and PicassoLabs for two reasons; firstly, they have been very robust and pragmatic in their approach to scaling, adopting a very sure and steady approach, secondly; PicassoLabs is a really unique piece of tech that truly delves into the secrets of visual content and truly powers the science of art. PicassoLabs can analyse any visual anywhere for your brand and their competition – hence their success to date with brands such as Unilever, Warner Music and Volvo.

Watch video interview with Anastasia (Founder)


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