Just do it… PlanSnap is embracing the growth of the ‘experience economy’

posted on September 22nd 2017 in Uncategorized with 0 Comments

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This week I met PlanSnap a frictionless social planning app that gets everyone to agree on the details of a plan – even if your friends (or customers) don’t have the app.

Everyone knows the frustration that a simple drink, dinner or trip to the cinema can cause. According to PlanSnap, the average plan takes 9 apps, 22 app switches, 77 swipes, 13 minutes on the phone and 10 texts.

With PlanSnap, they use machine learning to get everyone to agree on the details of a plan – who, what, where and when – so everyone can just say yes.

You might initially think of this as a consumer proposition (and it also is) but what I found really interesting is the platform they’re building to allow brands to make social plans for their customers.

There has been a huge swing towards experiential marketing as brands try to keep up with the so called ‘experience economy’ link to article

But as a brand, there’s no way you can make plans happen for your customers – there simply hasn’t been the technology to capitalise on this. The typical way brands are getting involved in this trend is by doing experiential, event sponsorship and perhaps content partnerships, all which involve large investment in both cost and time.

A PlanSnap’s brand premium account offers a super simple way to suggest plans and make plans happen for your customers using their flow and algorithms. Ultimately this leaves you with fascinating data on your customers plans (and planning intentions) as well as higher attendance at events.

I first met CEO Louise a year ago, and since then they’ve grown to a team of 6, trialled with consumers and brand partners and will be launching in Nov – just in time for the Christmas party planning season.

If you are spending on experiential, event sponsorship or content partnerships and would like to see how PlanSnap could help, you should definitely call Louise on +44 7792 743622 – happy planning!

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