Yes, I do work for myself!

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Cowboy Joe (NACA High-Speed Flight Station test pilot Joseph Walker) and his steed (Bell Aircraft Corporation X-1A). A happy Joe was photographed in 1955 at Edwards, California. The X-1A was flown six times by Bell Aircraft Company pilot Jean "Skip" Ziegler in 1953. Air Force test pilots Major Charles "Chuck" Yeager and Major Arthur "Kit" Murray made 18 flights between November 21, 1953 and August 26, 1954. The X-1A was then turned over to the NACA. Joe Walker piloted the first NACA flight on July 20, 1955. Walker attemped a second flight on August 8, 1955, but an explosion damaged the aircraft just before launch. Walker, unhurt, climbed back into the JTB-29A mothership, and the X-1A was jettisoned over the Edwards AFB bombing range.
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Coming to the end of my 2nd year with Tech2Brand, I am suffering from a weird hangover from my previous corporate career – I still think that I am working for someone! On numerous occasions, I still need to remind myself that I now run my own company and technically can make the shots – is this normal I keep asking?

After some thought, I think the reason for this confusion is because I am performing the same basic tasks that I did in my previous career? Even though, creating and running Tech2Brand has given me more freedom, more satisfaction, more challenges, more concerns and overall a new ‘lease of life’, I still create presentations, meet new people, take the same train to and from London, attend conferences, sit on panels etc. As a result, my brain sometimes thinks that nothing has changed? Maybe if I had started a completely new business (eg. manage a shop, be a ski instructor) I would have made the break mentally almost instantly?

Does this weird need for a ‘status quo position’ concern me , no not at all – to be honest, I really enjoy the challenges of working for myself and everytime I have to remind myself of this new position I raise a smile and receive an additional boost of appreciation and optimism?

On the flip-side, what if you don’t have a work shadow from the past, what if you have always worked for yourself and have never worked for someone else –do you fully appreciate the opportunity that you have and how lucky you are?

As a mentor, when I speak to a new cohort at the start of their accelerator programme I always say ‘enjoy this moment, you are an entrepreneur, you are running your own business, you are in control – most people aren’t brave enough to do what you are doing’. I say this because once they start their accelerator, they will be 100% focussed on building their business and may forget how lucky and fortunate they are?

Maybe we all need to ‘step back and appreciate what we have a bit more, even if you are a start-up who still thinks most of the time that he works for someone else!


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