Sorry I’m late, but……

posted on July 31st 2015 in Tips and tricks with 0 Comments

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I was asked in an interview last week what is the biggest thing that I have been surprised by since I started Tech2Brand. I answered that my biggest surprise is how start-ups still feel that it is acceptable to be late for a meeting with a Marketing Manager.

I don’t want this blog to be perceived as a general ‘moan’ by an ex Brand Director who is still ‘on the side’ of the corporate world. Actually, this is quite the opposite, my key focus with ‘Tech2Brand’ is helping start-ups to get work with brands and one thing you must do to give yourself a chance is to turn up on time or ideally, turn up early.

There are no guarantees in getting to work with a brand. Even if your tech is perfect, the Marketing Manager likes you (and your product) and there is a budget available, there is still no ‘cast iron’ guarantee (if only). However, if you want to drastically reduce your chances, I strongly recommend that you turn up late.

Marketing Managers are human and if you are late, they will still shake your hand and appear to accept your apologises, but inside they are thinking….mmm, if they are late for the first meeting, can I take a chance with them to deliver on time if they work with my brand? Generally, the voice in their head says ‘NO’ – not worth the risk.

In my previous brand role, I could have created an additional ‘revenue stream’ if I got a pound for everything my team (and I) thought, nice person, good tech, but unreliable and therefore, not worth the risk for my brand (and my career).

First impressions really do count, just make sure that you are ‘around’ when those first impressions start to take shape.

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