Have you ever met a Marketing Manager?

posted on June 23rd 2015 in Tips and tricks with 0 Comments

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Since I started tech2brand 18 months ago, my main focus has been to connect new start-up tech innovation to brands.

Through lots of hard work and persistence (on both sides), numerous meetings have now taken place and, as a result, some start-ups are now working with brands and starting to build long term business relationships.

However, I have attended a few events recently where the question of ‘how brands and agencies can work better with start-ups’ has been discussed and in my opinion, there is still a lot of ‘polished statements’ doing the rounds vs ‘action’ (meetings) taking place. In a nutshell, a meeting between a start-up and a brand is still not a common, everyday event?

I appreciate that this is only my opinion, therefore, working with the start-up SumoInsights http://sumoinsight.com/ I have now released a short survey asking start-ups if they do actually meet Marketing people and if so, what was the result of that meeting.

If you are a start-up and have 2 minutes (and would like the chance to win some Amazon vouchers), please click the link below and complete my short survey. http://t.co/JIpaJX6Vg2

Maybe as we speak there are loads of meetings taking place between the brand world and the start-up world? Survey results will be shared in a later blog – watch this space!


For more information about Tech2Brand, please visit our websitewww.t2blimited.com or watch our new short film vimeo.com/111005452

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