The ‘New’ 5 Killer slides to present to a Marketing Manager.

posted on June 2nd 2015 in Tips and tricks with 0 Comments

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I wrote a blog in October called ‘5 killer slides‘. This blog looked into the merits of keeping presentations to Marketing Managers down to 5 concise slides and how this would improve a start-up’s chances of getting a further meeting and hopefully, some work as a result.

Since then, I have witnessed the positive impact that this approach has produced in numerous meetings between start-ups and brands.

However, there is always room for improvement. One trend that I am starting to see is how long it takes for a Marketing Manager and a tech start-up to agree on a ‘fair’ price for an initial trial to be undertaken. The usual ‘to-ing and fro-ing’ of emails and phone calls before a final budget is signed off can be both annoying and frustrating for both sides.

Therefore, to help speed this process up, I recommend that start-ups should now include in their 5 page deck a slide detailing ‘what a £10k trial would look like’ (£10k is an example amount, I appreciate that £10k may not be a relevant number for all start-ups).

Using this pro-active approach enables a start-up to clearly state what they can offer for £10k and what is ‘in and out of scope’. In addition, in preparing this slide a start-up has time to really think about what they are prepared to do for a set amount and to feel confident to stand by their proposal in the meeting.

It also isn’t a bad thing if a Marketing Manager is pre-warned that the start-up will be proposing a £10k trial option in the meeting. Believe it or not, Marketing Managers also like to avoid the ‘cost question’ if they can, so setting a provisional budget amount ahead of the meeting can help to manage the expectations (and tension levels) on both sides.


Slide 1: What does your tech do in one sentence and what problem does your tech solve / what need does it meet?

Slide 2: How does your tech work (either a simple diagram or using a handful of bullet points

Slide 3: How is your tech different / unique to anything else in the market place – again use simple bullet points

Slide 4 (NEW): How your tech could work for the brand in question and what a £10k trial would look like

Slide 5: A final ‘thank you’ with your main contact details (email address / phone number)


1. You will please the Marketing Manager from the first minute – Marketing Managers never see 1/5 slides on a presentation, usually 1/30. You will immediately come across as professional and organized

2. If you are interrupted at any stage of the presentation with a question, you know that you only have a handful of slides to cover and that you do have time to discuss properly, if required

3. You will have time to do a proper demonstration during the presentation

4. You have addressed the area of cost ‘right from the start’ with a pre-prepared and thought through proposal, allowing more time to hopefully discuss the contents of a potential trial

5. Finally, a succinct presentation (with costs) can be easily re-read by a Marketing Manager after the meeting and (even better) shared to his / her peers or manager for reference. A 30 page presentation will never see the light of day again


At the end of the day, this isn’t a complete rework of my initial ‘5 Killer Slide’ proposal, just a small tweak that could hopefully make a big difference. The subject of ‘costs’ is always a delicate area of discussion and can sometimes be a very uncomfortable experience for both sides. I believe that start-ups can reduce this tension by preparing a ‘costed £10k trial’ slide in advance. As the old saying goes ‘ to be forewarned is to be forearmed’ – good luck!

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