‘Presenting to the Marketing Manager’ – the overlooked skill? 5 Quick tips.

posted on April 23rd 2014 in Tips and tricks with 0 Comments

Presentation Marketing
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Almost 4 months in with my new company ‘Tech2Brand’, I am still amazed at how much great advice and support there is out there for start-ups, especially on the key areas of funding and investment. It seems that everywhere you turn there is another opportunity to gain further financial expertise if you need it?  However, in contrast, it seems that the whole area of Marketing Strategy is being put aside for a ‘later date’ or in some cases,  included under the ‘sales strategy’ umbrella (don’t start me on that one).

In a similar way, when it comes to good old presenting skills, everything is focused on fine tuning your elevator pitch and how you should present to investors. I fully appreciate why this is important, but once a start-up is up and running and needs to attract the attention of a brand, they will come across another unique individual; the Marketing Manager. Presenting to and influencing this individual is a very different ‘kettle of fish’. How to successfully sell your product to a ‘Marketing Manager’ and to ultimately get them to part with their brand budget monies isn’t as easy as people may think – just having a ‘good product’ isn’t enough.  Having spent most of my career on the other side of the desk as a ‘Marketing Guy’ listening to ‘start-ups’ / agencies pitch their wares, here are my 5 key tips for start-ups to improve your chances of success in ‘your’ next Marketing Manager meeting:

  1. Do your RESEARCH – research the brand’s marketplace and competitors, research their latest brand campaigns and if possible find recent quotes from the company’s CMO.  The more facts you have to slip into a conversation the better.  If you do this, the Marketing Manager will feel that you already have a great understanding of the brand and you would be a great partner (allie) to have in the future
  2. Think BRAND > Tech – in the meeting, focus on the brand in question above the intricacies of your tech – the secret is to promote  ‘what your product can do for THE BRAND’ not just ‘what your product can do’  – a small, but very key difference.  Use terms like ‘first mover advantage’, ‘first to market’, gaining ‘competitive advantage over key competitor x’ – all of these will resonate strongly with a Marketing Manager
  3. Keep to 10 SLIDES MAX – keep your presentation deck short and sweet, quality > quantity. You should be able to make your case (and more) in 10 slides, any more and you are entering the world of ‘overkill’ 
  4. Create ‘CUT/PASTE’ content – want to significantly increase your chances of getting business? If yes, then create slides that a Marketing Manager can just take and use for their own internal presentation in the near future.  Make your slides so easy to understand that someone else could present the content. If a Marketing Manager asks for a copy of your presentation after the meeting, that is an excellent sign!
  5. Arrive ON TIME – absolutely 100% crucial, arrive late and you are saying that you don’t class the meeting (and the brand) as important and in addition, arriving late implies that you yourself aren’t reliable when it comes to meeting deadlines. In most cases, all the benefits of doing points 1-4 above will be undone if you turn up late!

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